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Be Inspired,, Trigger Transformation.

Discern, Transform with Yoga & Vedanta.

practice KIND

Master SELF.

Freedom IS

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“I AM whole, complete, FREE, HERE, NOW.”

– Masters & Mystics


Kiran Shines is aN Educator & FACILITATOR of TRANSFORMATION. ​Her mission is to service and to support humanity, experience a ​life of FREEDOM, PEACE, JOY, LOVE.

Kiran Shines offers knowledge and guidance in a holistic wisdom ​to physical, mental, spiritual intelligence. SHE OFFERS DISTINCTIONS ​IN YOGA & VEDANTA. Her journey commitments include YOGA, ​VEDANTA, QUANTUM PHYSICS, poetry, DANCING, CHANTing, AYURVEDA. ​She works with you to INTEGRATE YOUR TRUE NATURE, SATCHITANANDA: ​Existence, KNOWLEDGE, Bliss. YOUR LILA IS HERE, NOW.

Her journey of SELF - Actualization shines, and the intention to ​service the collective consciousness is clear. This portal of ​awareness reflects MOKSHA, FREEDOM.

Holistic Coach, Certified

Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner, Certified

Yoga Teacher, Certified

“We guide each other home. In the unveiling, enjoy, spread joy, BE JOY.”

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Teaching & Speaking

I reveal to you the mental impressions that are scripting your experiences and resulting in your life. I offer ​knowledge and guidance in exploring, navigating, discovering infinite potential, realizing pure possibility, and shifting ​your view of life!

Words are creative, NOT descriptive! Learn to create your best life by increasing awareness around patterns ​and habits, in thoughts / emotions, speech, action, resulting in the expansion of consciousness. Explore your inner ​- wisdom, navigate healing and transformation, and discover how extraordinary you are from the inside out. Be ​inspired, trigger transformation, intentionally, consciously, and maximize moment to moment experience to play ​with the Universe.

I educate and facilitate through teaching courses, speaking at public events, and supporting individual ​journeys. I'd like to offer you THREE LESSONS IN LOVE to integrate in your journey and shift your ​view of life, RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW:

1. I AM Whole, Complete, FREE, Here, Now.

2. I AM 100% ACCOUNTABLE for the results in my life.

3. I Acknowledge, I Accept, I Appreciate, I Allow what is HERE, NOW.

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Request a free DISCOVERY call to connect on how working together can be of service to you. We will go through ​discovery questions, discuss approach and exchange.


We dive deep into thoughts, language, actions, to map current state and get CLARITY. We get clear on blocks and ​we discuss steps to dissolve them to take action and achieve results.


You journey, and pay attention to a consistent, intentional PRACTICE to master SELF through integration of what ​you are learning. I am here to support you on the path and I am a stand for you.


As you master SELF and transform, you release blocks, you recharge, you revive. You experience energy and flow. ​This AWARENESS leads to fulfillment and vitality in the experience of life.

Freedom IS,

Discern, Transform with Yoga & Vedanta


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I created a framework, practice KIND, and accountability tools,

Harmony Huts, HEAL Games, I O ME SELF - Assessment,

to support you in your journey of LIFE.


to integrate SATCHITANANDA,

to flow in FREEDOM.

This TRUTH is available to everyONE.

As you navigate and explore inner - wisdom,

transformation is revealed and realized,

and experience is created intentionally, consciously.

Create safe, sacred time space to practice KIND.

© Copyright 2024 Kiran Shines. All Rights Reserved.

practice KIND


NAVIGATE what is.



What is my experience?

What am I expressing?

What am I vibrating?

“The ability to observe ​without evaluating is the ​highest form of ​intelligence.”

- Jiddu Krishnamurti


EXPLORE what is.



Am I OK, am I safe? ​What is the source of ​my experience?

“The inquiry “who am I” ​turns the mind introvert ​and makes it calm.”

- Ramana Maharshi


DISCOVER what is.



Can I be OK with what ​arises?

“This is what enlightenment ​is all about – a deep ​understanding that there is ​no problem. Then, with no ​problem to solve, what will ​you do? Immediately you ​start living. You will eat, you ​will sleep, you will love, you ​will work, you will have a ​chit-chat, you will sing, you ​will dance – what else is ​there to do.”

- Osho


LOVE what is.



“It is the person you ​imagine yourself to be ​that suffers, not you. ​Dissolve it in ​awareness. It is merely ​a bundle of memories ​and habits.”

- Nisargadatta Maharaj

© Copyright 2024 Kiran Shines. All Rights Reserved.


Sunny is a curious, little girl preoccupied with senses, thoughts, and emotions. She begins the heroine’s journey in ‘My Friend Maya’. ​Instead of gods and goddesses, sea monsters and cyclops; senses, feelings, emotions, thoughts, memories, words, meanings, concepts, maps, theories, body, mind, space, time, energy, attention, intention, are many forms and labels, Sunny encounters. Sunny braves, seeking, exploring, discovering, being. Join Sunny in navigating inner-self. Join Sunny in cultivating inner-bliss! Read adventures, and tool, Sunny embodies, to deconstruct deep-rooted conditions and impressions, indoctrinated assumptions and beliefs. Sunny realizes explanation is finite. Sunny documents to share experiences. AVAILABLE HERE

Sunny continues the heroine’s journey. Sunny meditates and plays with Maya. She is curious, consistent, and intentional. Sunny navigates. Sunny explores. Sunny journeys. Sunny discovers. Sunny cultivates. Sunny makes new friends along the way, Karma and Dharma. Karma and Dharma teach Sunny new lessons. Sunny is brave. Sunny is safe. Sunny grows. Sunny expands. Sunny journeys from the mind to the heart. AVAILABLE HERE

Sunny realizes she is the heroine’s journey. Sunny meditates. Sunny plays with Maya. Sunny plays with Karma and Dharma. She plays with Chilly. Sunny plays with Sadhana. She grows, she expands. She learns to love – to love herself. She enjoys each and every moment of the journey. She is JOY. AVAILABLE HERE


Butterfly in Watercolor Illustration

Kiran Shines is exactly as her name sounds = SHINES! Her light helped facilitate immense amounts of growth for my personal journey over the last 6 months. She was able to evoke curiosity within myself to understand how the way I felt inside was dictating the way I showed up in my everyday life. I am forever grateful for her stillness, calmness, and support that she held for me during our time spent together.

Emmaly Smith, Life Coach, Michigan, USA

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I am blessed to share my testimonial for the incredible guidance and support I have received from Kiran, my spiritual guidance. Having Kiran's support has been part of my transformative journey, empowering me to tap into my inner wisdom and remove my clouds in certain areas of my established mindset, seeing with clarity. Their compassionate and direct approach has helped me navigate life's challenges with clarity and grace for my personal growth. Through their profound understanding of spiritual principles and practices, they have guided me to see with clarity, cultivate self - love, and embrace a more fulfilling life in situations where I was not able to see. Their wisdom, and a firm belief in my abilities to see with clarity in situations where I was merged in years of programing beliefs have been a true blessing, and I am forever grateful for the profound impact they have had on my personal and spiritual growth. I wholeheartedly recommend their services to anyone seeking guidance, healing, and transformation on their spiritual path.

Ruben Barbosa, Engineer, Toronto, ON, CA

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Kiran has been very instrumental in my personal growth. She is a beautiful soul that has guided me to reveal my own inner - power and wisdom. Every interaction with Kiran was joyful, loving and safe. She has a loving and compassionate way that always made me feel safe when feeling vulnerable. Over the last three months, Kiran guided me to discover my innate freedom and how I can continue to be accountable and consistent in my own journey. Kiran’s vast knowledge of Eastern philosophy merged with Western modern traditions, brings a beautiful balance with practices such as: meditation, mindfulness, breathwork, mantra singing and yoga. Thank you Kiran for all the love that you put in our sessions and for always lifting up my energy.

Vanessa Hernandez, Integration & Wellness Coach, Bowmanville, ON, CA